The Facts


What we believe

We believe that every person deserves to live in a building that is designed to make them both healthier and happier.

We believe that every person deserves to live in a safe community with access to clean water, green space, and fresh produce.

We believe that every person who is willing and able to work should be able to make a living wage in the community that they live in.

We believe that if given the tools and framework- communities can rise up and make their own sustainable futures.

How we roll


You know how when you let other people into your project they turn it all inside out and backwards to make it their own- to the point where you don’t even recognize it anymore? Yea- we don’t do that.

We believe it is our job to give you the training, tools, and data that allows your team build the best version of your vision.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We gather information.

    1. What do you need to know to get a project off the ground?

    2. What are the risks involved?

    3. How is the project performing differently than you hoped?

    4. Who do you need to answer to?

  2. We listen to how you want the problem solved

  3. We identify risks and possibilities you might not have thought of

  4. We give you a path forward and work though it with you.


Who we serve

Developers who like long-term, high-impact investments but need help making the financial case for an affordable, sustainable building

Community-based developers or CLT’s who have a vision but need help getting there

Municipalities who want to attract affordable housing and sustainable development

Counties who are dealing with the fallout from a large company leaving the region and need a path to economic sustainability for their community

NGO’s who have a sustainable project in mind and need to identify and collect meaningful impact metrics

Who’s Abigail?

The name Abigail means, ‘give joy’. Through our work, we aim to give joy to underserved communities through healthy, affordable spaces and healthy, sustainable jobs.

So often developers, cities, states, hell- even sales people make claims about their buildings, projects, and products that aren’t quite…measurable. But what if it was? What if “quality of life” or “sustainability” was able to be captured and objectively captured so you could prove that a building, building system, or community improvement initiative was actually doing everything that was promised? Or, if it wasn’t- you had the data and the plan to make things right?

Project Abigail aims to do the dirty, back end work that makes your work possible.