Blaine Stand


Blaine is a sustainability professional with experience in client management and stakeholder relations; sustainable development analytics; and policy research.

With a focus on human interaction with the built environment, he examines how people influence and are influenced by the policies around them, and how sustainable technologies translate both hard and soft benefits to the communities in which they are installed.

He has spoken at a variety of conferences and events across North American on the impacts and drivers of federal and municipal environmental policy.


Jeremy Stand


Jeremy has been involved in urban, sustainable development for over 15 years.

Through working in almost every aspect of building development from planning, to pre-development, through construction, to close, he can cut through the bureaucracy of any project so your building starts working for you faster. He is able to do this by not only employing his many industry resources and strategic partnerships, but also through the use of lean enterprise tools such as concurrent engineering. 


Petr Stand


Petr Stand, APA has over 25 years of design, production, and project management experience covering a broad range of planning and development project types. Among the housing types he has developed are multi-family rental buildings, fee-simple townhouse projects, and mixed-use condominium buildings. His planning, architectural, and development work in Melrose Commons has won him several awards.

Petr is a member of the American Planning Association and sits on the boards of several community-based planning, development, and open space groups.

Tara Stand (2).JPG

Tara Stand

ChIEF Cattle-Prodder

Tara Stand started sticking her nose into other people’s businesses at the ripe old age of three when she could be found following her mom around her job as an activity coordinator at a nursing home or crawling around her dad’s 18-wheeler.  Now she uses her B.S. in Industrial Engineering and Black Belt in Innovation to help small and medium businesses jumpstart their growth.

She spent 10 years honing her practice with the Manufacturing Extension Partnership in NYC and has hosted and spoken at the Design for Manufacturing Summit, U.S. Dep. Of Commerce’s ExporTech, and the City of New York’s FastTrac program for small businesses.

When she’s not saving business owners from “Dutch boy” syndrome, she can be found drooling over vintage-style dresses or binge watching Shark Tank with her husband.